Friday, May 29, 2015

Beachside Dinner

All good things must come to an end but before we packed up, the husband and I had to make our last night, one that we'll always blissfully look back on. What better way to do that than to have a romantic dinner by the beach? 


During the second course, it started drizzling but we hung in there and soaked up -- no pun intended -- the beauty of Maranao Beach. The staff eventually had to move our table to the Gazebo. I think the rain made the experience all the more unforgettable.

Goodbye for Now

Our stay wouldn't have been as magical without the friendly and very accommodating staff of Pearl Farm. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. See you later, Pearl Farm.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Samal Island

Our Pearl Farm accommodations included round-trip boat transfers to the island. It is approximately one hour to Samal Island from Davao City but since my friend and her then fiancé (now her husband!) graciously picked us up at the airport, we took a different route via Ro-Ro (roll-on-roll-off) ferry. We stopped by Paradise Island to have lunch and dined on some fresh fish and other filipino delicacies. Hashtag Nommerz.

From there it was a 20 minute ride to Pearl Farm. Upon arrival, we were greeted with fresh juice and cool towels - perfect for that tropical weather!

Our First Night

On the night that we arrived, there was special activity for the guests. Since it was Mother's Day, it was karaoke night - no idea why. As a tribute to the mothers present on the island, the were sourcing the crowd for potential victims participants to sing and to my horror I was one of them. So I quickly had to pick a song that I knew by heart, Waterfalls (you should hear me rap). The irony is not lost on me, my friends. The song starts out like this:

" a lonely mother gazing out of her window
staring at her son that she just can't touch.
If at any time he's in a jam she'll be by his side
but he doesn't realize he hurts her so much.
But all the praying just ain't helping at all
'Cause he can't seem to keep his self out of trouble
So he goes out and he makes his money the best way he knows how
Another body laying cold in the gutter..."

At this point there was no turning back so I said, "this might not be the best song for mothers..."

*laughs awkwardly* 

The staff ate it up but the guests looked at me like, "huh". Tough crowd.

I was in it to win it - there was a price in the end - so I did my best and I couldn't wait for the part where I rap. I was determined to kill it. Then the song ends. My heart sinks. I let all the mommas mommas down. In the end everyone who participated got their very own Pearl Farm t-shirt.

Motorized Activities are Fun?

My husband and I are the type that can't sit still on a vacation so we decided to try out wakeboarding. Our guide was very confident that we could do it in one try and reassured us that it was easy. 30 minutes and several tries later, I got up for a second and the huz, a solid five seconds. Not baaaaad.

Day Trip to Malipano Island

We enjoyed visiting the neighboring island of Malipano by speed boat from Pearl Farm. There are seven villas on this spectacular island, four of which sit on stilts directly over the water while the other three are positioned atop the rocky cliffs.(Related posts: Pearl Farm | Beachside Dinner)
What I Wore

Trying to pick an imaginary fruit.

I see you husband! Thanks for snapping these pics for me. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pearl Farm

As our lives become more digital, we long for experiences that are both visually stimulating and emotionally satisfying. With that said, whenever I travel, a portion of my time is spent immortalizing these moments through video or photography. It's so thrilling for me to capture these rare occasions that taking a mental snapshot just isn't enough. It also doesn't help that I'm kind of addicted to Instagram. Craziness aside, I do make it a point to put down my devices and go off the grid and be one with nature.

Recently, my husband and I traveled to the Philippines for a wedding. The location was Davao City, in the southern part of the country - a destination neither one of us have ever been to. Before the wedding, we wanted some alone time and get away from the hustle and bustle. So with the help of a friend and some research, I decided to take the lead with booking our accommodations and I picked: Pearl Farm. 

We stayed in one of the Samal Houses, where the rooms are built on the water providing us an unobstructed westward view of the ocean. 

The sunset was absolutely stunning.

Here's what I wore:

The skirt is actually an infinity scarf from H&M that I tied in the back and works as a cover up as well as a maxi skirt.