Sunday, April 27, 2014

Playing with Colors

I'm in full spring mode! I bought this skirt last year on the Boohoo website but didn't get to wear it because of the tulle underneath. It was too poofy and was not doing it for me. I played seamstress and tried to unstitch the "poofiness" but instead I butchered it. I stored it in my closet fully intending to sew it back together but then winter happened and it was left in the lurch, up until last night. I was scouring the web for inspiration when I came across this skirt on Asos. I was smitten. Then it hit me, I HAVE A SIMILAR SKIRT IN THE CLOSET. Duh. Long story short, my mom who is visiting this weekend came to the rescue by helping me put it back together. You're my hero, Mom.

Pictures by RRod 



  1. The print, the colors, the accessories - everything is so pretty! Love this look!

  2. Super cute look. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Liz! Welcome to the blogging world! x

  3. I love the skirt. Such gorgeous colours and print :)


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