Monday, June 1, 2015


My husband and I flew out to Calgary, Alberta to witness the union of our dear friends, Johanna and Emmanuel. I have known Johanna since we were in third grade. We wrote letters to each other up until the beginning of high school, had lost touch but reconnected through social media. In 2013, Johanna and Mandee came to visit NYC for the first time. We ate, laughed, and acted like tourists for a night. We picked up were we left off and it was as if the time apart was merely days as opposed to years.  

The wedding was absolutely incredible, my husband and I were able to hang out with the couple of the hour and their families, who were so warm and welcoming, they even took us with them on a day trip to Banff the next day. I love NYC but YYC has special place in my heart. Earrings: H&M // Dress: ZARA // Shoes: ASOS // Bracelet: Kate Spade


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