Monday, March 7, 2016

Moxie Mondays

#MoxieMonday numero dos! This week's quote is brought to you by Bob Proctor.
There will be times when you question your progress and feel discouraged. You might compare yourself to others and their achievements but the truth is, you are going to have bad days. Don't shy away from those moments and embrace them. It will either make or break your spirit and it all depends on what you choose to acknowledge.
Your journey is different and that's what makes you unique. Your experiences, the people you meet along the way and your frame of mind will help mold you into your own superhero. Stop nitpicking at what you think is not working and put effort toward a goal. Stay true to yourself, keep hustling and don't give up on your dream––you never know where it will take you. 
Designed by yours truly, flowers vectors downloaded from Angie
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  1. Thanks for the inspiration this morning! Have a terrific week Liz!


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