Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring it On!

As much as I would love to indulge myself in e-commerce, I have to a.) have a realistic budget and b.) be conscious about storage in my apartment because in New York (at least in mine) it is a rare luxury.

Lately, I have been eager to go on a "purchase-a-thon" (is that a word? it is now) mainly because the weather has been so amazing and after being swaddled daily by winter wear, momma's ready to shed some layers. So, I went on my usual sites, Asos and J. Crewzzle and could not find a dress that spoke to me. I didn't have the, "you-know-you-want-to-buy-it" moment or the "it-better-be-in-my-size-or-I'll-cry" scenario. Feeling defeated (so dramatic, I know), I retreated back to the room to "shop my closet". I assessed the situation, stared into space for what seemed like hours and came to a mind-boggling conclusion: there's NOTHING to wear.

Then I remembered these dresses (1 and 2 ) and came up with an idea! What if I turn dress A into a skirt and use dress B as the top? The Franken-dress turned out to be a really solid plan considering there was no sewing involved. Dress A was easy to transform into a skirt. Part of the back is detached which made tucking in the top easy. Dress B is form-fitting and balances the voluminous skirt. I added a belt to cinch my waist and the look is completed. 
What do you think of this look? 


  1. That's amazing that you combined two dresses. I love what you came up with! Perfect for spring.

    Kylen Every Wear

  2. Your so talented my friend! Love this look on you - it's giving me hope that spring is actually coming (and not this 30 degree crap weather we're getting!)

    xx Cindy


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